Posted By: Ed Martin Mark's 1st Antiques - 11/25/2013 12:47 AM
Marks shop will be auctioned off on Saturday Dec. 7 at 12 noon . It's an old collecting shop at 5N.Federal highway in Dania Fl. Marks store is now run by his son ,been there for many years n has at time some good n a lot of repros .Ill be stopping there before the auction to see what's there. Last time I was there he had a couple of good daggers
Posted By: DAMAST Re: Mark's 1st Antiques - 11/25/2013 04:47 AM
Did he have a shop in Chicago at one time??? in the 70s
Posted By: Ed Martin Re: Mark's 1st Antiques - 11/25/2013 10:49 PM
Can't say just know of the Fl. shop this is one of those dusty shops with cases n items all over the place.You have to look very carefully
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