I was wondering if the pattern of this ring is well known or maybe it's a one of a kind?
Apparently it's from Finland and is part of an estate sell. It has no silvermark but it does have initials engraved on it.

Attached picture finnishring1.png
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So its part of a grouping from Finland.. There are some good things to it... Might be known but need a better shot of the skull straight on,,,and one of side....
Hi Gaspare!
It's a sell from a Finnish estate of a deceased person. Do you have any photo of an original ring with this pattern? Is it german or finnish? I've never seen this exact pattern before. These are the only photos I got, but to me it looks alright. The seller got good reputation but when it comes to this ring it's quoted as an SS honor ring, so the seller doesn't have that much knowledge about ww2 rings.
Update: The ring went for €200. Too much for a one of a kind ring IMO. I let that one slip and will save my money for a better one.
Not one I’ve seen before either. People love skulls, so I’m never surprised by higher prices, especially if they’re old ones.
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