Posted By: Gaspare MAX 2021 Report.. - 09/21/2021 12:02 AM
Here's some photos of the mighty MAX show 2021 from York PA.

I and everyone else though the show was great. Both buyers and dealers seemed very happy. There was 900 tables. Almost all full I saw maybe 4 empty tables...

My collection being very large there usually isn't much for me to find/get.. BUT,, By some miracle I found 2 early 40s German ring dies!,, A pair of nazi plice marked 'come-a-longs' that fit in a small collection I have of similar items.. Also found a gigantic book on world silver hallmarks!! And a rare out of print [1975] German book on Nazi Kitch. Has all sorts of goodies in it including rings. Also has a nice clear page showing the law in 1933 forbidding the use of nazi emblems. I have it taken off the internet but this is very nice and clear and I will scan it for my project..

I wasn't well for the 2019 show and didn't attend, there was no 2020,,so it was great to see many old friends again..

Overall a great time had by everyone I'd say...
Enjoy the photos..

The one and only Don Boyle. The 'Honor Ring Man'.. Had a interesting conversation with him about Antonios book. It will be interesting to see when he reads it!

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Posted By: Gaspare Re: MAX 2021 Report.. - 09/21/2021 12:03 AM
Everything was there you could imagine..

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Posted By: Gaspare Re: MAX 2021 Report.. - 09/21/2021 12:05 AM
Low end to the high end,,it was all there.

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Posted By: Gaspare Re: MAX 2021 Report.. - 09/21/2021 12:09 AM
My haul:

Not much for me there,,but,,I did get lucky.. 2 period German ring dies!!! One a master die,,the other [smaller] a working die .. A rare [and expensive] book from 1975 with a low print run, Nazi Kitch.. ... Also a come a nazi police come a long,,and a gigantic book on world silver hallmarks

Best for me was seeing many old friends.. The MAX will be there next year,,and so will I.

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Posted By: Gaspare Re: MAX 2021 Report.. - 09/21/2021 12:12 AM

[looks like a rare Latvian nazi party dagger in lower left center photo] [?]..

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Posted By: Gaspare Re: MAX 2021 Report.. - 09/21/2021 12:15 AM

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Posted By: Gaspare Re: MAX 2021 Report.. - 09/21/2021 12:17 AM

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Posted By: Gaspare Re: MAX 2021 Report.. - 09/21/2021 12:18 AM
from my 2 books:

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Posted By: Gaspare Re: MAX 2021 Report.. - 09/21/2021 12:20 AM
Very few Honor rings there this year.. This is from Dons table...

Also very few authentic private purchase rings! Maybe 5.. Many US WW2 rings and they did well but with prices raising....

A real nice banner just sitting on a back of a chair! A guy had probably 100 period WW1 and WW2 posters.. This one a Allied one,,[nice ring!]..

Ok guys thts it. It was a good show. again everyone I spoke to was happy and had a good show,,buyer and selling!...

OK, hope next year all this virus gets straightened out and the show will really be booming big!.. See you guys there....., G.

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Posted By: hdmarley Re: MAX 2021 Report.. - 09/21/2021 01:05 AM
Wow G!!! That’s some killer stuff in those pics ! Congrats on your items, I’m sure those were exciting finds !
Posted By: Mikee Re: MAX 2021 Report.. - 09/21/2021 02:29 AM
Thanks for the pictures, maybe one day I 'll make a show. I also have that small book for years now. Best!
Posted By: SpitfireVb Re: MAX 2021 Report.. - 09/21/2021 06:52 AM
Amazing Gaspare. Thanks for posting. Glad you found a few treasures for yourself.
(I wonder how many of all those helmets are authentic.)
Posted By: Gaspare Re: MAX 2021 Report.. - 09/22/2021 12:39 AM
Mikee,, you have that Kitch book? It is small.. Printed in 1975.. Low print run,, no 2nd print..

Amazon and others have it around 50,75 euro, 100 euro [when its available],,,then its 50 euro shipping!! Yeah paid good for it. But its cool, has many offbeat kitchy items!,, then at the rear it has nice and clear the law of 1933 which many don't understand or believe... Guys,,it is not a reference book. Just shows many of the kitchy items of the early party days..

I have a article I think from 34 that says the Berlin police confiscated all the Skull rings from a retailer because they resembled the 'SS skull and Panzer skull' crazy , Crazyness!

It seems the skull ring was relaxed and were able to be sold. Were monies paid?, volunteering to be done? who knows.
Seems Skulls, Luftwaffe, WestWall, some generic military theme rings and not really to many more were allowed to be sold after that..

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Posted By: Antonio Scapini Re: MAX 2021 Report.. - 09/22/2021 04:30 PM
Great items and thanks for sharing pictures G.!
I'd love to have been there!

Originally Posted by Gaspare
... It will be interesting to see when he reads it!
I think he will never do that. wink
Posted By: Mikee Re: MAX 2021 Report.. - 09/22/2021 10:14 PM
G, Yes have had for a long time. Yes hopefully it will educate many. I believe we had a thread on this subject somewhere.Thank you.
Posted By: Mahler Re: MAX 2021 Report.. - 09/23/2021 10:07 AM
Sometimes I wish I lived in America, to be able to visit things like this. So many cool stuff!
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