Posted By: Gaspare Period Ring Shapes - 02/27/2021 03:31 PM
So there were nazis in the 1920s. And,,maybe even making rings in 1944 but other than the HR don't think that late..

What has been seen lately are a really rare but previously unseen ring show up. They are usually SS. The new quick enamel thats really hard [but not really glass].. There have been guys collecting rings for 40 years. I know one guy couldn't have seen everything . But a few hard core ring/jewelry collectors,,and they don't even have to be of military theme. They will all tell you similar things in what to look for..

Enamel of course. Period documentation. A 'in wear' photo,,,and with the morphing programs many are now leery of these photos. A ring from a U.S. or German Veteran which has sadly been coming to a end. Coming from the family with some kind of provenance.. And,, shape. Yes the basic shape.

Silver is a precious metal. Wartime there were shortages, even laws against 'wasting' it on such things as rings. Many of the rings we collect are a brass alloy but the shape is still basically the same..

One shot here is of a 30s US ring design. Another of a German blank..The German a bit wide,,but still tapers down before midway..

Thin bands,,,this was pretty much standard.. With our rings though we also see the tapering down of the band..

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Posted By: Gaspare Re: Period Ring Shapes - 02/27/2021 03:36 PM
Now this is done not to just save on silver [which it did],,but for comfort.. I wear at least 2 rings every day. My wedding band,,and a skull or 'G' initial ring. Wide banded rings just don't cut it.. The are uncomfortable. It can spin and you have no idea where unless you look at your hand.

Some rings were a bit wide.. The HJ leaders appears real wide. But its really not and tapers down by midway.. Some of the Norwegian rings are a bit wide,,but still taper down..

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here's a wonderful collection spanning a pretty wide time period but all what we like to collect. [So sorry I can not remember who sent it to give credit]..

But what do we see,,all have this taper..

A ring appears that is something never seen before. Very rare organizationally. The enamel looks the part almost.. But has a wide band, really wide like the size of the cartouche going almost all way round.. Some of us collecting rings 40 years. There are regular jewelry collectors also [not military theme]. Most of us will tell you the same thing,,,walk away..
50 years from now won't matter. The Horned Viking head ring will be considered authentic. But for now ,,for yourself and those who will have them after your gone,,,Look and sometimes you just have to let it go.., Thanks, comments always welcomed...,G.

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Posted By: benten Re: Period Ring Shapes - 03/02/2021 07:14 AM
You have started an interesting thread, Gaspare. I hope more rings of members will follow.

Here my old ring with characteristic tapering...........

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