Posted By: polop dak ring - 06/29/2019 04:29 AM
there's a dak ring behing shown over on waf, its the standard nielio type but with a difference, normaly encounted dak rings of this pattern have DAK-1941 the one on waf reads 1941-DAK, I have never seen one like it, it must be super rare, or there's a problem, mike
Posted By: Ric Ferrari Re: dak ring - 06/29/2019 02:39 PM
Any chance to have pics ?

Posted By: polop Re: dak ring - 06/29/2019 03:45 PM
sorry I don't know how to transfer them, but the ring is on waf . mike
Posted By: Ric Ferrari Re: dak ring - 06/29/2019 05:06 PM
May be a link to discussion would help.

Posted By: Mike (aka Byzanti) Re: dak ring - 06/29/2019 06:36 PM
Dak ring discussion
This the one?
Posted By: Dave Re: dak ring - 06/29/2019 09:48 PM
Here are 4 key pictures. If the original poster on WAF objects, I'll have to take them down.


Attached picture 64873522_610471842788047_9074547760736239616_n.jpg
Attached picture 64667475_2298445777078014_7156365175354818560_n.jpg
Attached picture 65394369_356230215086693_5702297649332355072_n.jpg
Attached picture 65133040_853433191700084_7239845028758028288_n.jpg
Posted By: Militarynut Re: dak ring - 06/30/2019 02:13 AM
hi dave
thanks for all the pictures just cant see the inner marks is this ring for sale on waf let us know thanks again god bless andy the miliitarynut
Posted By: polop Re: dak ring - 06/30/2019 06:39 AM
hi, andy the ring is not for sale, its the way it says 1941-dak rather that the standard dak-1941 that concerns me, never seen one like it before. I wonder if there are any more out there.mike
Posted By: Gaspare Re: dak ring - 07/01/2019 05:32 PM
You can see it is hand worked with the right tools.. Has neillo on it,,the gold flash plating to cartouche,,even the right hallmark..
Unorthodox yes, but there was a war going on,,sh*t happens..
Could have been 50, 75, 100 made and maybe only a few survived.. IF as the usual DAK of its kind there would be no question...

A nice to see something different, rare one ,,you have another to hunt for,,be happy! wink
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