Posted By: Arm.leg. LW Ringe - 10/31/2012 07:33 AM
Hello guys !
Need option about ring. A specially about strange damage inside.
Regards Anton

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Posted By: Arm.leg. Re: LW Ringe - 10/31/2012 07:39 AM

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Posted By: odal Re: LW Ringe - 10/31/2012 07:46 AM
Well known period pattern that also is faked very often.

This ring is for me a cast fake. You saw and told it yourself - inside heavy casting faults and a lot of other problems.
Posted By: Arm.leg. Re: LW Ringe - 10/31/2012 07:59 AM
I think one track is a trace of the straightening of the ring. But other effects of aggressive environment? Acidic soil. Because all the copies that I was able to naiyti interenet distinguished by quality and type and thickness of the enamel ring. If you have a photo copy of the same show please.
Best regards, Anton

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Posted By: Ric Ferrari Re: LW Ringe - 10/31/2012 09:14 AM
Btw, I would expect such sign of stress by folding in same position but outside band....

Definitively cast flaws all over the ring IMO.

Posted By: pzb14 Re: LW Ringe - 10/31/2012 06:36 PM
imo not good....
Posted By: Arm.leg. Re: LW Ringe - 10/31/2012 08:13 PM
Thanks friends !
This in not that ring what i want.
Best Regards Anton
Posted By: Gaspare Re: LW Ringe - 08/09/2013 03:15 AM
super dangerous SuperFake.. It was even made 'in the flat'.. The 'enamel' would fool most of us.. Lately they are made in Yellow with 3 rank gulls..BEWARE!
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