Posted By: Redbaron The Chinese RAD - 05/24/2007 03:15 PM
These guys never cease to amaze me Mad Here we have an eBan RAD, well aged with stampings complete with a nice story about how it was taken from the body of a dead officer, yeda, yeda, blah, blah. Buy it Now for $4000...

These fakes haven't even been around long, maybe a year or so? just goes to show the lengths people will go...


Description: RAD Fake
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Posted By: Redbaron Re: The Chinese RAD - 05/24/2007 03:16 PM

Description: Fake
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Posted By: Seiler Re: The Chinese RAD - 05/24/2007 03:38 PM
Some dummy will/has bought it dont you fret. Big Grin Big Grin
Seiler (Yank in UK)
Posted By: unclheve Re: The Chinese RAD - 05/24/2007 08:22 PM
Newbie here. As I am alway trying to learn, can you tell me what you saw that told you it was a chinese repro? To a rookie it looks pretty good, over priced I think but looking good. Steve
Posted By: Raymond Re: The Chinese RAD - 05/24/2007 08:56 PM
The eagle's head on the pommel looks like Gonzo from Sesame Street is the first thing wrong. the blade is all wrong too.
Posted By: Redbaron Re: The Chinese RAD - 05/25/2007 07:12 AM
Hi Steve

Nothing right about it if you compare to a real one. The proportions of the hilt are wrong, Gonzo the eagle, stainless steel blade, 3 section scabbard, and no fine detail... Here's a pic of the fakes that are available new for around $40 online... When you look at the effort taken to try and mark, age and weather this dagger, it shows the lengths to which conmen will go...


Description: Fake
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Posted By: Redbaron Re: The Chinese RAD - 05/25/2007 07:13 AM
New Fake

Description: Fake
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Posted By: Terry Pullen Re: The Chinese RAD - 05/25/2007 11:53 AM
Do you think that I could flog a Swiss Army knife with a story about it being taken from a dead Swiss soldier??
Posted By: 777 Re: The Chinese RAD - 05/25/2007 02:37 PM
Cool motto Big Grin I'll never understand those fakers - if they put some effort anyway to produce something like that, so why they just don't do it any closer to the original?
Posted By: Redbaron Re: The Chinese RAD - 05/25/2007 03:18 PM
Really wonder where this character found a WKC stamp Confused this is probably not his first attempt...
Posted By: NoBoZoS Re: The Chinese RAD - 05/26/2007 03:50 AM
Geez...Maybe I've listed my "real" RAD Officer too low...
Posted By: Doug Kenwright Re: The Chinese RAD - 05/29/2007 03:31 AM
Gadzooks! and yikes even..pull up NoBoZos dagger from the "for sale" area and compare..these were quality made daggers, and i sure as hell would love to talk to the expert who appraised his dagger.. Roll Eyes

Once you get a feel for these, they become easier to spot..and there are daggers made to deceive in this pattern..
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