Posted By: Skynyrd Huge WW1 era tomb/tunnel unearthed in France - 03/16/2021 10:29 PM
Lots of opinions about this, some propose that they are tombs of a once hated enemy and should be left alone, others want to search them for historical value and perhaps proper internment of remains.

Seem the french government itself falls into the 1st category and wants nothing to do with it, same with the German graves registration.

I'm not really decided, I can see the arguments on both sides and fall somewhat in between.

WWI tunnel of DEATH is unearthed: How 270 German troops were buried alive for a century when French shells collapsed both exits leaving them to suffocate, kill themselves or beg comrades to end their misery

Men died in the Winterberg tunnel, near the town of Craonne, Northern France
Were killed in May 1917 after French shell exploded ammunition inside tunnel
Tunnel lay buried when site was taken by French forces before being forgotten
It was unearthed by amateur historians Alain and Pierre Malinowski

Brutal,,,,sounds like the Russians bulldozering over bunkers and advancing in WW2.. I suppose its done all wars...

The German war graves reg. used to be hot on getting the WW2 bodies in the mid 90s back... These WW1 bodies maybe not so much[?] Would be very expensive and time consuming.... Maybe we have German member that can enlighten.......
Quite a few vids on WW1 tunnel exploring in france on youtube, most of them limited value to me as they are all in french or german.
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