Jewish "leaders" are predictably outraged, when we all know that most of the bidders will probably be Jews. Not sure if they want these items burned, or maybe better yet, donated to the nearest Holocaust museum ,,, But I think their attempted guilt shaming only drums up more interest in 3rd Reich artifacts, especially personality items like this.

Munich-based Hermann Historica will be selling 147 items from the Third Reich
Include items of Nazi leaders such as Hermann Goering and Joseph Goebbels
The November 20 auction is controversial with protests from Jewish leaders

certain things I don't understand.. 'Jews' .. It's a religion,,anybody no matter the nationality/color can be Jewish.... Anyway,, I think the biggest buyers as of lately are Germans!, East Europeans probably next [?]..
- Most of the items will go in to a private collection. Eventually then gets sold again..

in the 90s I had a KZ jacket, shoes, guys photos - I traded to a dealer for his daughters car she was no longer using. It was like 6 years old, in great shape, dealer maintained etc and we needed a 2nd car.. He tells me a week later he sold it all to a Polish Jewish fellow from Israel. I was surprised. A couple weeks later I asked how does the guy like the pieces? , whats he doing with them? Dealer tells me the guy donated the grouping to a museum in Israel! , you never know ,,these items take on a life of their own sometimes..
Hi Gaspare, I may be off the mark, just my opinion at the time. Its predictable that they will try and guilt shame any trade in NS artifacts, I for one have been past sick of it years ago and it rankles me pretty bad. You probably have a better grasp of market trends than me but we all know that Jews have been and are buyers and are sellers of this stuff, including the founder of this site [who certainly never struck me as the altruistic type]. Strikes me as hypocritical but I guess it shouldn't, these "leaders" don't speak for everyone.
There are a variety of opinions on the race/religion thing, I reckon this is not the time or place to get into any of that. Suffice it to say that I'm not into telling people how they should think, what they should do, what they shouldn't buy or be interested in, and don't take kindly to others not showing the same courtesy.
I hear you Doug,,,, 'Leaders' don't speak for anyone but their own selves and agendas! As far as Nazi Regalia collecting,, all races and creeds seem to buy , sell, and collect.. yeah weird but thats how it is..

Will be fun to watch what develops with the auction!
hi members
third reich collectbles are as gaspare says collected by all races of people from all over the world if you would like to hear my fifty years in this great collecting hobby it will shock you what i told people who verbley abused me and my wife at shows for selling third reich items i can say this about our collecting third reich items we are collecting the history of two countries the u.s.a.. and germany last no body tells me what to buy or not buy this is all i have to say cased closed happy thanksgiving to all and make sure you save room for the pie god bless andy militarynut
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