Posted By: ed773 WW1 Memorial in Maryland - 02/25/2019 01:41 PM
DAVE. Not sure this is the place for this, just think we all should be interested in what is going on today in this country.

ED: Too much modern politics tied up in this, so maybe another forum?

Sorry 'bout that

Posted By: ed773 Re: WW1 Memorial in Maryland - 02/26/2019 01:03 PM

I suppose I understand.
That's why this is all going on.
We seem to be more interested in when the McRib is coming back.
Posted By: Dave Re: WW1 Memorial in Maryland - 06/23/2019 10:08 PM
Ed, I saw that story a few days ago. Its fine right here.

Why not find a photo and post it, plus details of the memorial.

Posted By: Mike (aka Byzanti) Re: WW1 Memorial in Maryland - 06/23/2019 11:23 PM
The McRib is coming back? Sweet.
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