Posted By: Cotoroanta What weapon it is ??? - 07/18/2021 06:13 PM
Hello I have this item in my collection and I don't know if it is from WWII time or other period. It is a knife and also a little gun and I think it is functional. Does anyone knows what it is ???

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Posted By: Jim W Re: What weapon it is ??? - 07/18/2021 07:29 PM
Is there a maker mark or any mark on any of the blades?
Posted By: Cotoroanta Re: What weapon it is ??? - 07/19/2021 05:46 AM
Hello on the cross is the year 1939 and aon the blade is marked Garantie Solingen
Posted By: Herman V. (aka Herr Mann) Re: What weapon it is ??? - 07/19/2021 08:24 PM
You have some pocket knife, it has nothing to do with the HJ.

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