Posted By: patrice Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/25/2006 02:04 PM
All I can say is that this is absolutely ridiculous.
The main objective of the thread was to show everyone how a faked Damascus blade looked like, as there are many around at every militaria shows.
The fact that the dagger belonged to Bruce Petrin was merely a coincidence.
It is true that I had my share of arguments against him but that's in the past and will remain there.
I couldn't care less about Mister Key or his past, prsesent or future behavior.
Dave, someone has made a good job in "brainwashing" the truth behind my post.
You saw it as a personal vendetta against someone who is not a member on this forum.
I have never talked against GDC but you should perhaps read some of the things that is being said on the other forum about our beloved GDC web site.
You would be very surprised to also read some of the comments being made by Mister Key about GDC and its members.
I don't need a crystal ball to know who got you convinced in deleting this thread.
That convincing other member resigns every 6 months but always comes back just to stir up contoversies.
I certainly hope that when I get to his age, I will be more mature and will not act as a child.
Gees some people should grow up just a bit.
Tell the other convincing member tp try Viagra, I have heard that it really helps in getting your blood pressure down.


Dave I also reject the assumption that you are making about me getting on a private vendetta. It ain't true !!!
PLease, also tell that convincing member that I will not resign like he always does, whenever things doesn't go his way.I've got my brain at the right place and I'm not sitting on it.
Big Grin
Posted By: Gaspare Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/25/2006 02:35 PM
Pat , maybe there is a kind of ceasefire going on between the forums?, who knows,,we never will..I have no comment about the dagger but read the topic. nothing seemed wrong. If an item is bad it doesn't matter who it belongs to its bad, period. You mentioned names, well maybe not so nice but if its true well then my opinion is nothing is wrong.

In this hobby when its rare high priced items its funny. some people have them and its authentic and some that have the same item and its called fake. It all depends who will be coming out with the same item to sell in the future! Big Grin with prices so high it isn't a enjoyable hobby anymore to most. Its cut throat,,'make the buy for as least possible',,'clean it up and sell for as high possible',,big number$ lead to big problems. Arguing,name calling, threats,secret deals, deletions, bannings. Happens all the time right in front of our eyes,,and whatever we see in front of our eyes is happenning 10 times that behind the scenes...

So you might be right in everything you've posted, but it got deleted,,,and this topic very well might also..Nothing we can do. GDC is privately owned,,ALL the forums are and its either their way or the highway.There will NEVER be a perfect forum that EVERYONE will like..

Like Qui Chang Cain used to say,,we must bend with the breeze, or break!.Ha ha.. Don't let all this bull**** bother you,,keep seeking and preserving history....Happy hunting , G.
Posted By: anonymous 123 Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/25/2006 03:13 PM
That thread IMO after a shaky start was evolving into a discussion of damascus blades which are certainly a desirable rarity on 3rd Reich items. I had even found some pictures of post war examples in an old Reddick flyer that I posted and I thought Manfred Vogel and others were putting some information together on the subject. I was looking forward to an educational and informative thread on this subject as I don't think it was ever covered in depth before.
Posted By: Craig Gottlieb Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/25/2006 03:36 PM
I don't understand . . . is the thread gone?
Posted By: Ed Martin Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/25/2006 06:35 PM
Someone had better look at the membership of the whole site.Mud slinging go's on for page after page and when a good topic such as this one is posted it gets deleted.There was nothing wrong with anything posted here.If the person is selling bad goods he should be written up.No one mines knocking TW,TJ,RW if they make a mistake "they should know better",well the party selling also knows.He is from what I understand very knowledgeable on this subject.I have meet the person and did enjoy talking with him.If it's a matter of opinions on the blade lets hash it out.
I have been on this site for a long time and have seen more post deleted than there ever was.Try and find some of the old names here there gone! or they just lurk everyone is getting tired of the site.The forum maybe private owned but there's nothing to own if no one is watching.
Just found Daves "Thread is gone" you also forgot your White cane with the red tip. Big Grin
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/25/2006 06:41 PM

I believe your answer is right above your post.I like the innocent "is the thread gone?"
Apparently something or someones comments cut too close to the bone.
Posted By: Dave Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/25/2006 07:50 PM

- Your original title was "Classic fake - From a scam artist". I did not look at the link and would not have recognized Bruce Petrin's ID which you say is "Mr. Key".

- Rather than post pictures to discuss the Damascus blade in question, you put a link so people could spot the seller.

- In case anyone missed the hint, you posted "The Damascus blade is being sold by Bruce Petrin ( aka: M. key)... " to further tilt the discussion towards the individual rather than the blade.

- Then you said "Denny is right and I do have had some unfortunate dealings with this seller." You had an axe to grind, as Denny commented.

I think you also knew this full well when you sent me an email after your initial post asking "Do you think my statement was incorrect ? If so, I'm sorry and please delete the whole thread". I missread what the post was about and did not follow the link or I would have deleted it then. My apologies to the membership for not catching that one.

And, by the way, Bruce Petrin IS a member of GDC.

There was no discussion at all in that thread of the Damascus blade in question. Craig posted a picture of what he thinks is from the same source along with a few good comments. Manfred made some helpful comments. The thread was headed south an no one was about to learn anything at all about Damascus Steel. That is why it went.

If you or anyone else wants to start a thread to discuss the differences between TR Damascus steel and reproduction, it would be welcomed.

Posted By: patrice Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/25/2006 08:05 PM
Dave, will all do respect could you please prove to us all that Bruce Petrin is indeed a full time member on GDC ? I can't even find any threads with his name and neither can I find his e.mail address. If I have read correctly, shouldn't every member be obliged to post his e.mail. If so, you could please give me his e.mail address. If we play by the rules than it should be the same for everyone.................even for a "ghost" member that hasn't post in 4 years.

Bruce Petrin is no member on GDC but that's even beside the point.
Even if I said, though I agree it was too agressive, called him a "con artist", so what ?
How do you want to call someone that tries willingly to sell a fake blade ? A magician artist ? C'mon, this is even more ridiculous than I thought and I really don't know what are the REAL REASONS for pulling off this thread. Roll Eyes

I did put a link and not the pictures and so what ? Are we supposed to be hiding the sources from where it came from ? Are we trying to protect someone's interest by not giving the source or the seller's name ?

The fact that him and I are not best of friends is irrelevant to the discussion.
We are talking about someone who's selling a fake blade.

Thank God I wasn't talking about Wittmann or any other big gun dealers 'cause I would've probably been banned for life for going against the all mighty Messiah.C'mon, give me a freakin brake !

Posted By: Dave Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/25/2006 08:37 PM
Look for "Bruce. Petrin". He has 415 posts in our files. The original members did not have to provide email addresses. We encourage them to add it, but not all do.

Bruce and craig had a long discussion about Army/Luft grip color changes that .... did not go Bruce's way. He has not signed on for some time, but was never banned or suspended.

Posted By: patrice Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/25/2006 08:45 PM
Bruce last post was in June 2002. We can't exactly say that he is active. He also claims on the "other forum" that he has been banned from GDC and hence, is no more a member. How nice to make him feel as a full time member still. I'm certain that he appreciates the gesture.

Again, could you please tell me where I have not respected the rules of conducts ?

The only thing that will make win your case is if he still a full time member abd I DO KNOW that we are not allowed to speak against other members without any proofs of what we are assuming. This is NOT THE CASE as he is not a member and again, why should we not call a name when someone is selling a fake. I really don't understand what's happening. Are we supposed to shut up every time we see a fake item being sold on this forum or any other forums for that matter ? If this is the case, then there will be many unhappy collectors with fake items in their collections. To me, it is still a complete non-sense and I demand that you put back the thread on the forum.

Dave, if you want to delete all my wordings from the other thread, that's suit me fine but for God's sake, leave the pictures and Craig's comments about the faked damascus blade. It will be to everyone's interest. Don't you think ?
Posted By: patrice Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/25/2006 10:58 PM
Dave, since you've been sharing some of my private e.mails with the rest of the forum, I'm certain that you won't mind doing the same thing too with your PRIVATE e.mail

Get this, if I show another fake blade on the forum and mentions the name of the seller, I will get suspended and will loose my moderator status.

What do I get for being a moderator anyway ? I can't even delete or change my own thread since I've long lost all power over my threads. Would it make any difference if whether or not I'm a moderator ? If it can make you feel better, why don't you just take it off since it means so little to my own world. I don't need any title to be happy ! I've got plenty of titles at work and responsibilty to be needing another "prestigious" position. Roll Eyes

As of now, I will resign from my moderator status but will gladly stay as a full time paying member. Cool
Posted By: Craig Gottlieb Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/25/2006 11:42 PM
I still stand my belief that the thread should not have been deleted. Pat called a spade a spade, and he was right to do so (though he didn't do it very tactfully, with his naming of this thread). As far as I am concerned, the thread was about damascus, and it was also about a reproduction damascus dagger being offered on the internet. And Tom: Please contact me at your leisure at 858-350-6700 or 760-672-9530.
Posted By: anonymous 123 Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/25/2006 11:56 PM
Since I have been threatened with a fate similiar to Pats and I agree the modified thread should have been left open I really feel I have but little choice here.
Effective immediately; I am tendering my resignation as the Firearms Moderator. I don't feel I can continue to cope with the heavy handed pall that has descended upon what was arguably the best 3rd Reich Forum on the Internet at one time.
I will continue to check in here periodically primarily to stay in touch with my many friends.
To those of you that I have been able to help in some small way in the last 5 year I was glad to comply. And my thanks to the many that have helped me.
Posted By: Bob Rodgers Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/26/2006 12:09 AM
Pat & Jim

Sorry to see that you are stepping down.

This site has a way pushing the good guys away.

Keep in touch, you both have my email and phone numbers.
Posted By: Houston Coates Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/26/2006 12:10 AM
I don't understand this. Calling a spade a spade should be OK. Editing is one thing-Locking down is another--total removal is too extreme in this case. Removing this was not worth the trouble it caused. Does anyone really think the blade in question was real? Does anyone really think the seller did not know it?
Posted By: Tim Schreiner Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/26/2006 01:09 AM
Funny how my post got deleted so fast. I wonder why? Big Grin

I wonder if I'm suspended yet? Roll Eyes
Posted By: Degens Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/26/2006 01:45 AM
I think somebody should take 5 minutes to browse the topics on the other site that are devoted to the degradation of GDC and certain members of this site, before trying to protect the integrity of an individual that has not even posted on this forum in 4 years. Maybe after reading some of the trash posted, we would try a little harder too keep the some of the already dwindling dedicated members of this site.
Personally I think dagger-politics suck and do not try to get involved, but the deletion of the damascus topic has taken a turn for the surreal and there is obviously more involved than us lemmings are aware of, unfortunately 90% of the membership are here to share an interest, lets not lose sight of that Eek.
Posted By: sellick8302@rogers.com Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/26/2006 03:19 AM
Wow I don't post for three days and I miss an entire thread. I have met Bruce Petrin and agree that he knows the difference. Pat is a respected member and a PAYING one that keeps this site alive. Consideration should be given to those that support over "ghost" members, especially ones that trash this forum on other sites. Again Dave I feel that you and most of the moderators do a good shop. It is thankless one but this thread could have been handled better IMO. cheers, Ryan
Posted By: Ju88 Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/26/2006 04:22 AM
The bad part is that those of us who didn't see the thread will never understand why we just lost fine moderators like Pat and Jim.

Pretty sad, actually....
Posted By: Bob Rodgers Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/26/2006 04:41 AM
The bad part is that those of us who didn't see the thread will never understand why we just lost fine moderators like Pat and Jim.

Just email me
I saved itSmile
Posted By: Minnesinger Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/26/2006 05:03 AM
I hear you Pat, and I am with you (even though my voice probably isn't worth much here or anywhere else for that matter). I am relived to hear that you will not leave the forum totally but "just" resign from your moderating duties. Your collecting and advice here on the forum has allways been an inspiration to me.

Tell you what. Drop me a mail when you'll come over here and I will do my best to meet up with you and buy you a couple of beers.

Posted By: patrice Re: Thread gone ( Part II ) - 07/27/2006 12:02 AM
Thanks for your support and friendship and will gladly be seeing you in Sweden next spring.
Beers are on me my freind ! Wink
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