Posted By: BretVanSant A tale of two Schusters - 05/28/2022 03:55 PM
I've had this Army for 20!years at least or damn close. It is again not a high condition item but one of the 1st pieces I purchased that was a bit more grungy. At that time I was more of a condition collector. Things indeed change!! I've never had the desire to find the man . Now I have the time (forced upon me) I spend a few hours looking up the name more common than not probably.K. Schuster. So far a few leads but nothing solid like a war crimes kind of guy, but I'm not going very deep either. I run across this on Brian Meaderer's site! Kind of weirded me out. But very cool. May have even sprung for Brian's but I have a new purchase I am awaiting to arrive. My Schuster Alcoso

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Posted By: BretVanSant Re: A tale of two Schusters - 05/28/2022 03:57 PM
Brian's Schuster WKC

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Posted By: BretVanSant Re: A tale of two Schusters - 05/28/2022 04:01 PM
My Alcoso is worn down past any finish on the reverse crossguard. The WKC Brian is offering is minty shows very little if any hang time. My Alcoso is ex Chip Gambino. Man talk about missing people in this game he had the best stuff even at it's worst his collection was amazing. Another guy whom can't be replaced.
Posted By: sellick8302@rogers.com Re: A tale of two Schusters - 05/29/2022 05:28 PM
Quality of engraving is outstanding very nice Bret Gamby was a great fellow!!!!!!!!!!!! recently Tom Wittmann had a WKC heer dagger engraved similarily to G Dess you can still find it It sold shortly after listing I owned the dagger as a local Toronto pick up back in 1995 traded it into a named Allgemeine SS fusstandarte 88 tunic and visor MINT which were $3500 USD at the time OMG tunic ended up going to Bill Shea two years later Bill remembers it fondly Reichsfuhrer SS label on brassard RZM cloth tag on shoulder strrap all buttons SS marked matching and originally sewn no moth no nap stone mint with Ross's research fully named and dated interior tag with RZM labels wish I had that $16,000 tunic now thanks for posting cheers, Ryan
Posted By: Kevin (heers68) Re: A tale of two Schusters - 06/10/2022 11:10 PM
Great personalized piece and heck of a coincidence on the name match.. I too have an Alcoso that is not tip-top but has a sweet pers. It’s also initialed on the scabbard.. only one I have that is double pers. Best, Kevin.
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