Posted By: sellick8302@rogers.com Clemen and Jung naval daggers - 09/24/2021 03:20 PM
Hello gents I have been offered two Clemen and Jung naval daggers one has the small trademark on one side with the Clemen and Jung Solingen stamped upon the other side the other has the single large oval trademark. I know Clemen and Jung naval daggers are scarce to rare. Is either of the two trademarks considered either more rare or desirable? Thanks cheers and best, Ryan
Posted By: Billy G. Re: Clemen and Jung naval daggers - 09/24/2021 09:50 PM

The smaller stamped dual logo mark is generally viewed as period produced. The large oval etched logo is a controversial topic.

Some Navy collectors believe Clemen & Jung never used that mark pre-1945. Some collectors believe there were some produced in the period but it would come down to the individual dagger itself. Generally fit and finish are a huge consideration. Also, if the inside of the grip has a wood core, that’s considered a good sign.

A friend of mine acquired one in a huge collection he bought. I examined it closely and the quality was such that I believed it to be period produced.

I personally like Clemen & Jung’s stuff but I guess we all have to be comfortable with that which we buy.
I appreciate both the reply and information cheers and best, R
Posted By: Billy G. Re: Clemen and Jung naval daggers - 09/25/2021 05:31 PM
Please post some pics. Would love to see what you’re considering.
Posted By: Baz69 Re: Clemen and Jung naval daggers - 09/26/2021 09:28 AM
Here's mine, for what it's worth I've owned three of these with this exact mark, all have had the same scabbard and pommel, I can't say that my 3 are a representative group and that there are not others out there with different fittings that are legitimate, I'm only saying that my 3 have all been the same.
I have yet to be convinced that the later oval mark is from the 1933-45 period,I have examined quite a few over the years and not found one that I personally would buy, as with all daggers you have to make your own mind up at what you are comfortable with, I'm just not comfortable with them at this time, others may differ and I fully respect their view point.


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Posted By: wotan Re: Clemen and Jung naval daggers - 09/26/2021 11:37 AM
Hello Baz69, yours is the stamped version with trademark on the one and writing on the other side which is doubtless original period 33-45. What I understand is that the discussion concerns the large, etched trademark only on one side of the blade.
CLEMEN & JUNG had some varations concerning their trademark and how it was placed what we know best from their hunting daggers but the etched ones on navys are highly controversial. Billy G has already said all what can be said about the problem and it is also all what I do know about it.
Posted By: Baz69 Re: Clemen and Jung naval daggers - 09/26/2021 02:32 PM

I believe Ryan mentioned he has been offered both versions of the C&J Navy, my post was to give him a reference towards the stamped version and the fittings which I have observed on my 3 examples, perhaps for a comparison.

Posted By: wotan Re: Clemen and Jung naval daggers - 09/26/2021 05:07 PM
Hello Baz69, you are quite right, Ryan mentioned both. But the one with the stamped logo and writing, the one which you also did show, is a no brainer. Absolutely sure manufactured during 33-45 period. So left is the bigger, etched oval mark which you yourself think beeing questionable.
Btw a VERY nice C&J you show us here, worn with traces of age but with character! It definately has been there.
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