Posted By: Dave Partying at Auschwitz - 08/06/2022 09:42 PM
There is an article in the British Daily Mail about SS officers at Christmas. The Photos are very interesting, particularly the uniforms:


Posted By: Gaspare Re: Partying at Auschwitz - 08/07/2022 04:16 AM
Bastards... Yes the whole cast of a.h.s were there. They have some nerve celebrating the holiday with what was happening so close to them..
You visit there now,,see , read everything,,and it will change you..

,,, but yes, some nice shots,, and a few nice views of insignia/jackets...........
Posted By: Dave Re: Partying at Auschwitz - 08/07/2022 03:09 PM

Did you see this one ? Honor ring on Left hand ?

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Posted By: Gaspare Re: Partying at Auschwitz - 08/08/2022 11:23 PM
Dave,,some of these guys did whatever they wanted to with the ring.. Wasn't a 'issue' item. Was a present! True it had some instructions about wearing etc. but,,many didn't even wear them.. Some wore them so much they wore the early ones out and got another one!!

Nice photo. He looks devoid of insignia[?] , just a party pin and the HR confused
Posted By: Vern Re: Partying at Auschwitz - 08/08/2022 11:38 PM
Out for a night on the town in his civvies wink
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