Posted By: Brodieb Need helps, SS dog tags for review - 11/24/2021 09:13 AM
I am not an expert on dog tags and was hoping someone could tell.me if these look correct?
Thanks in advance

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Posted By: Gaspare Re: Need helps, SS dog tags for review - 11/24/2021 02:09 PM
B.,,, Tags are a minefield buddy for the unexperienced.. I collected tags back in the 1970s... When the USSR broke up the fakes became almost undistinguishable.. After going to some digs in Ukraine and Poland in the 90s I stopped collecting..

So your tag: It is a very clever fake.. Wear. age, corrosion all can be replicated in various ways.. - Always always first check/search out IF the unit existed. IF so good.
- Then try and look/search for other tags from the unit with roll numbers close and do comparisons.. - Also check the nomenclature, is the tag stamped correctly as the unit is designated [I don't think yours is correct]..
Your tag mainly is let down by the fonts.. In the 90s there was a notorious seller called 'Rokas'. Their tags were called of course 'Rokas fakes' and some searchingon the internet you'll find examples of all the fonts.

Here's one here:

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