I ran into a typical looking red SS Arm band with black piping at a estate sale. Upon closer inspection it looked period correct material and craftsmanship wise, but lacking any sort of RZM tag or stamp on the inside. So it is either a knockoff or is it possible tag was removed or it did not come with one in the first place? I did a search here but no luck. Seems unlikely a real one would lack a proper ID tag? Need short education here. Cheers, Jonny
More than likely a modern made Pakistani one.
Very possible! The material is cotton and the stitching is spot on. Would be interesting to see a image of a fake. Anyone with a good shot of a repro. Many thanks, John
Later ones would have had a paper RZM tag, which could easily go missing. The usual "tells" on those are real ones have a ribbed center circle that is slightly oval shaped. also the back black tape edging lines up very well on originals but no as much on reproductions.
Posted By: Jonny ringo Material used cotton or wool? - 02/22/2016 11:56 PM
Not sure if the material types were both used at same time or not. I guess wool might have become scarce as the war progressed?
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