Posted By: pvon Tinnies and misc items! - 09/17/2021 03:47 PM
As many of you know when buying stuff like a dagger or stuff
thats been found!

That cigar box always had stuff in it!

Show us some tinnies,medals or misc you might have!

I like the smalls that help!


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Posted By: pvon Re: Tinnies and misc items! - 09/17/2021 03:50 PM

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Posted By: derjager Re: Tinnies and misc items! - 09/20/2021 11:59 PM
Tacking on this link.

Posted By: Mikee Re: Tinnies and misc items! - 09/26/2021 01:21 AM
Picked these today. Approx how much is it worth? Thanks for the help.

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