Posted By: den70 SMF daggers with Roem's dedication. - 05/02/2021 07:24 AM
Colleagues, who can tell whose version of Roem's dedication's was used on a dagger made by the SMF. I don't think this manufacturer had its own original design. I think he used one of the options for a large company. I found two varieties on the net. They are slightly different. Maybe someone has more information. Thank you.

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Hello Den,

That last one is an all original SMF Röhm dagger, the other one is a know copy: just look at the maker mark and the quality of the blade: you will easily see the difference.
These postwar SMF full Röhm blades have been around for several years, now.

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Posted By: den70 Re: SMF daggers with Roem's dedication. - 05/03/2021 01:44 PM
Herrman, thanks for your answer. You mean this dagger is Ok? I have same opinions. For me, other dagger very bad dediction, but my knowledge not good for judgement.

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Yes Den, that dedication and maker mark appears to be correct in my opinion.

Best regards,

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