Posted By: Nakida Otto Stöver with fishy etching on the reverse! - 01/21/2007 04:47 PM
Early SA/NSKK/Marine? Otto Stöver with some fishy etching on the reverse blade.
Has anyone seen this before?
Repair work on the back of the handle.
Dagger is on auction site in Sweden.


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SA Marine-- 1938? I don't think so. Roll Eyes The font is good looking though.
Hi guys, I think its not original, Viktor Lutze is spelled with "k" I am sure.
A 1938 NSKK Marine would have been in a chained copper/gold scabbard with same hilt fittings. A SA would have had also Copper/Gold crossguards and scabbard fittings. Bad Fake. -wagner-
Someone has put a $714 bid on it right now...
Sold for $1166, hope the seller continue dreaming that this being an original piece.

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