Posted By: pvon SS dagger handle chips! - 01/24/2022 09:02 PM
Over many yrs of collecting you are not always going to find that SS dagger mint!

Sometimes they are worn and damaged!

Handle has chip,missing wood etc!

So what do you do?

Why do they come that way? Wood?

I know Tom W had a guy yrs ago that did repairs!

How much does it affect value?

How do you keep from buying a repaired one?

SS is SS so you don't throw them away! shocked

What did the germans use to color handel?

And no I don't need one fixed! Just thought we would talk about the subject!

I quess scabbards also!

Hey its cold so figure we should talk about something!!!!!!!!! grin


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Posted By: Vern Re: SS dagger handle chips! - 01/25/2022 01:58 AM
I have done SS grip repair work for many years. My Dad restored vintage musical instruments. When he replaced ebony finger boards on instruments from the 1930s and 40s, I asked for the old ebony. Properly aged ebony can be used to replace any missing pieces. Contour the replacement pieces to match, apply a light coat of ebony stain, and the repair is very difficult to detect. Attached are before and after photos of one such grip.

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Attached picture Reverse Before.jpg
Attached picture Obverse After.jpg
Attached picture Reverse After.jpg
Posted By: Gaspare Re: SS dagger handle chips! - 01/25/2022 09:23 PM
photos not so good,,,but thats some real nice work!!
Posted By: Dave Re: SS dagger handle chips! - 01/25/2022 10:45 PM
I've watched Vern doing the repairs. They are very good.

Posted By: JRM37007 Re: SS dagger handle chips! - 01/26/2022 09:08 PM
Hands of a Master!
Posted By: pvon Re: SS dagger handle chips! - 01/28/2022 12:15 AM
Yes better picswould be nice!

What about SS scabbards?

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