Posted By: Ross Kelbaugh (SS-Researcher) Hot Tip! - 07/16/2018 05:13 PM
I know some of you on here are interested in other ided SS items. I have been wondering for awhile if any SS beer steins survived and have seen one posted on a stein auction website where the sale ends tomorrow afternoon. It is identified to a member of LSSAH and dated 1936. I discovered the roster of the entire LSSAH in 1936 a number of years ago and this SS Mann checks out and he has a Race & Settlement File from the 1930s in the Archives with his photos! Don't know what he did during the war as he does not turn up in the KIA/MIA datebase. Here is a link:



Posted By: Doug Kenwright Re: Hot Tip! - 07/16/2018 05:38 PM
Interesting news, Ross..now that I have a bit more time I shall have to go over the various SS files in my collection..see if anything pops up!
Posted By: Dave Re: Hot Tip! - 07/16/2018 10:40 PM
That is great. Surprising that it lasted that long in that shape.
Posted By: Texasuberalles Re: Hot Tip! - 07/17/2018 02:47 AM
This came from late collector John Pepera.

Inside the stein was a mint unissued M9 collar tab.

'Vater Jahn' was an individual who promoted exercise, physical training and gymnastics.


The reason for the rareness of SS steins are numerous. The location of units, the small size of units in relation to Whermacht
units and control by the RZM (of the SS) system are but a few.

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Posted By: Texasuberalles Re: Hot Tip! - 07/19/2018 12:12 AM
Sold for $2,012.
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