Posted By: militarymania chicom stick grenades - 09/21/2017 03:36 AM
these have a wooden plug on end sealed w/wax...are these practice grenades or possibly jungle shop made...heavy cast iron head held to wooden handle w/screws..???

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Posted By: Militarynut Re: chicom stick grenades - 09/21/2017 08:21 AM
hi guy
havnt seen these in a few years these are real shop made or field made vietnam granades for the nva and viet cong i have a few some where in my stash along with viet cong whole black uniform hat n belt i still believe i have the capture papers bring back paper havnt looked lately . the enemy nva / viet cong made bombs /grenades out of food ration cans we left behind also made jungle shoes out of our truck tires crudely made but did the trick hope this little information has helped you god bless andy militarynut
Posted By: Eric26 Re: chicom stick grenades - 09/23/2017 10:48 PM

Believe these are practice grenades, usually only see CHICOM/NVA with serrated cast iron head.
Posted By: Militarynut Re: chicom stick grenades - 09/24/2017 12:22 AM
hi eric
i believe you might be right in saying that the one pictured on right side in this photo is a dummy grenade but the one on the left side and possibly the second one has has a split in the top handle where you can put a fuse n powder my two stick grenades along with the whole grouping belonging to a viet cong bad boy black pajamas rubber u.s. royal tire sandles and his ammo pouch and nva canvas belt n hat plus i believe capture papers pictures of all that was captured at this time great grouping getting back to stick grenades i humbly believe these were used by the nva army and the viet cong bad boys hope you agree have a great day andy militarynut
Posted By: Eric26 Re: chicom stick grenades - 09/24/2017 01:34 AM
You may be correct,I'm definitely not an authority on these

Just for reference here is an illustration from a manual on VC/NVA equipment.

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