Posted By: Kwakernaak U-Boat clock - 11/30/2016 09:34 PM
Hi Fellow collectors.

I am looking to buy a WW 2 german U-boat clock which is offered to be an original. I am a novice so before I go for it I would like to know a bit better how to recognise fakes..
Does anybody of you have an original U-boat clock? Would you be willing to share pictures?
Please find below the pictures of the clock for sale. Any red flags here??

Any help would be great to calm my nerves...


Peter Jan

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Posted By: Kwakernaak Re: U-Boat clock - 11/30/2016 09:36 PM
picture series 2.

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Posted By: Militarynut Re: U-Boat clock - 12/01/2016 01:03 AM
hi peter jon
i just viewed this kreigs clock that you are thinking of buying this is my honest opinion on this clock i have had maybe two of these kreigs clocks it might be from a submarine or a german battle ship no way of telling its marked properly not like the fakes comeing out of france. only two red flags i see and they are nothing to worry about the screwes that hold the face of this clock is iron headed screwes they should be brass the key is a copy but every thing else seems ok hope this helps god bless andy militarynut
Posted By: Kwakernaak Re: U-Boat clock - 12/02/2016 07:19 AM
This clock sold in auction for 2700 euro!! (Excl 9% auction fee). A little to steep for me. I passed on it.
Posted By: Militarynut Re: U-Boat clock - 12/02/2016 09:43 AM
hi peter
2700 euros guess this kid was right it certainly looked same as the two kreigs clocks i sold years ago . but again most of these clocks and watches/ camerars with eagle swazs are newly made fakes all made in europe so be carefull doesnt hurt to ask before you get burned for big bucks glad i could help with my past experence have a great day andy militarynut
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