Posted By: Norby New member from Minnesota - 11/28/2021 05:11 PM
Dipping my toe in the waters again. I was in this hobby back in the 70's for about 10 years and had a small modest collection of common daggers and others. My interests changed and I sold off the collections and moved on. I have always maintained my interest in this field but at a distance. Now I'm back somewhat after purchasing my first dagger in over 45 years. Looking forward to the forum.
Posted By: ed773 Re: New member from Minnesota - 11/28/2021 05:36 PM
Welcome, and, welcome back.
Just curios, since you have been around the block with your first round of daggers, what was your recent purchase, and did the prices set you back a breath or two ?
Posted By: Norby Re: New member from Minnesota - 11/28/2021 06:06 PM
My first go around I purchased most of my blades from the late Thomas Johnson. I purchased from him a near mint 1933 pattern early SA dagger for $140.00. That same piece now would be over $1000 easy. Over the years I have kept abreast of the hobby at various shows and the like so it was no surprise when I purchased my recent piece which is a early 1933 pattern NSKK dagger, which was nearly 4 figures in cost and has a feature that has me curious and frankly surprised me. I intend to post photos and ask for comments on this piece in the near future. Tom
Posted By: Dave Re: New member from Minnesota - 11/28/2021 07:39 PM

Again, Welcome to GDC,

Can' wait to see your dagger

Posted By: Norby Re: New member from Minnesota - 11/29/2021 05:45 PM
I'm trying to post photos as this system is different from other forums. I can get my 5 photos to the 'attachment manager' but can't figure out how to get them into the text box.
Posted By: Vern Re: New member from Minnesota - 11/29/2021 06:44 PM
When you move a photo to the Attachment Manager, they will display at the bottom of the window. Just click "Done" to close the Attachment Manager then click "Post Reply" to post your message and photos.
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