Posted By: Vern Easy to use Photo Resizer - 02/13/2018 08:29 PM
Here is a link for a very efficient online photo resizer - Resizer


1- Click the link to run the resizer program.
2- Select the photo to resize. You can "drag and drop" or click "Browse" to select the photo from your computer. Click the photo to select it and click "open" to use it.
3- On the next screen, enter the size wanted at menu item "4", "enter Max Filesize". Click "I'm done".
4- Click "View image" to review the new photo, then click "save to disk" to save the resized image.
Posted By: Vigs 48 Re: Easy to use Photo Resizer - 03/12/2018 10:23 PM
Vern what is the link for the photo resizer thanks Paul
Posted By: Vern Re: Easy to use Photo Resizer - 03/13/2018 04:45 AM
The link seems to have died. It's http://www.picresize.com/
Posted By: Devil's Metal Re: Easy to use Photo Resizer - 03/14/2018 02:28 AM
A very easy way is :

right click your picture and open with "paint"

then choose the area under view that says "resize" then go over to box that says "pixel"and make it say 1200 or 900 pixels and it will automaticaly fill in the other, then check the box below that says "maintain aspect ratio"

after that to go "save as" and save it to your desktop.
Posted By: Vern Re: Easy to use Photo Resizer - 03/14/2018 02:41 AM
That will work also wink
Posted By: Dave Re: Easy to use Photo Resizer - 03/14/2018 01:32 PM
So will the old "Microsoft Photo Editor".

It is relic from Microsoft XP, but I keep it because It is easy to used when cropping or when adjusting brightness, etc

Posted By: Gaspare Re: Easy to use Photo Resizer - 03/20/2018 01:16 AM
Dave,, you said the magic word 'cropping'.. This is just another way to bring down the photos size.. Every computer has some sort of editing program. And, all the programs you can crop...

1st you got to be aware of the photo limits here.... Under 160KB for members and under 260KB for Premium members and Moderators..

What you really want to do is get them as close to those limits as possible..
then you should adjust your camera [or phone if they do that] to the file size that brings it close to the KB size or slightly over..
Item positioned straight on a blank piece of regular white paper..
Item taking up 75% of the frame..
Then check your file size.. IF your slightly over you can simply crop that extra amount off of around the item!

What ever way you choose it does take a bit of effort and experimenting!
Good luck and hope all your photos come out nice big and clear,,,focus!!!!!!!!
Posted By: pvon Re: Easy to use Photo Resizer - 05/28/2021 02:33 PM
Can we just have resizer or increase pic size thats easy! Click and go would be nice!!!

Thanks Dave but I don't have it! Paint I have used but when I just tried it had pic then poof!
Too many steps and time to just resize or many times make bigger!

Thank You

Posted By: jimdvan Re: Easy to use Photo Resizer - 09/25/2021 11:07 PM
How would I do this with my phone? Using my phone's camera the photos are WAY too big and I can't figure out how to get them smaller.
Posted By: Skynyrd Re: Easy to use Photo Resizer - 09/30/2021 04:20 AM
Should be able to send pics large, medium or small for forum use - This forum has always irked me with the ultra small size limit
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