Posted By: Dave Historic Motorcycles - 06/17/2021 06:45 PM
The Daily Mail UK has an article about an auction of historic motorcycles. Great photos.


Posted By: Gaspare Re: Historic Motorcycles - 06/22/2021 12:55 PM
Some great bikes offered... Just realized everything is in British pounds!! Prices a bit high,,but you never know!

We have a big British event this weekend..

Posted By: ed773 Re: Historic Motorcycles - 06/22/2021 02:57 PM
I'm sure you have already found this site being a old bike guy, but the site Bring A Tailor has some awesome old bikes all the time. BMW Triumph and all the rest. It's a auction, so you bid.
I visit all the time for the cars.
All the stuff is restored, so you will most likely not want to drive it home, so Bring-A-Tailor.
Posted By: Gaspare Re: Historic Motorcycles - 06/22/2021 11:53 PM
Ed, thanks so much! Never seen that site before..

We usually don't like auctions because you can't start them! Some have a video of them running but you take a big chance.. Years ago we bought a Knucklehead,,mainly stock.. when we got it it back to the shop the motor was mainly empty! Missing the cam idler, oil pump was empty [no gears], so we learned about auctions. But sometimes you can do good..

This auction,, for $5k a 76 Triumph sold.. A good deal. Not a real classic old looking bike. But still the old original Triumphs. This model had disc brakes front and back. The good forks, handled good. Looks like you change those pipes and you have a nice stocker and great commuter bike! Tons of parts available,,and plenty of performance mods you can do to it also..

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Posted By: ed773 Re: Historic Motorcycles - 06/23/2021 12:41 PM
This site seems pretty devoted to the buyer.
You can contact the seller to ask any questions, and even see the vehicle in person for a test drive.
It all looks right to me. But as always, buyer be ware.
Posted By: Gaspare Re: Historic Motorcycles - 06/23/2021 01:32 PM
yeah its pretty cool Ed,,thanks..

For those interested in British bikes in the PA area,, this event this weekend you will have a good time and see some good stuff!!

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