Posted By: nimble1 1/35 Scale Tiger - 12/23/2007 05:37 PM
This one is for all you guys(including myself) who no longer have the eyesight or steady hand to build.
Its a 1/35 scale diecast model made by Dragon. It is incredibly detailed and painted. This particular Tiger perfectly mimics the markings of 13./Pz.Rgt.1, of which Michael Wittmann was a platoon commander.It has some metal parts and some plastic. The turrent roatates and the bow MG moves and all the hatches open. This one came from Mission Models.If you are looking for something to dress up a display and don't want to build, its one way to go.

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Posted By: nimble1 Re: 1/35 Scale Tiger - 12/23/2007 05:41 PM
Another view

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Posted By: Landser Re: 1/35 Scale Tiger - 01/03/2008 08:21 PM
Looks like a nice model to me. Although I`m not too familiar with minutae of the vehicles dragon have always appeared to pay attention to detail in most of the stuff they do. I`m only sorry that we no longer have the capability or even the opportunity to manufacture such things in the west anymore. Frown
Posted By: Scott A. Hess Re: 1/35 Scale Tiger - 02/17/2008 10:39 PM
These Dragon prefinished kits are great in my opinion, I think they are coming out with a Panther G, I hope they continue to make the full line of german armored vehicles
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