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Jareth Holub
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#355162 07/12/2022 12:19 AM
by Gaspare
Well,,,there is no market! 10 / 15 years ago we pretty much could find what we wanted. Not all the time but with patience you'd find it ..
- When this forum started years ago everyone wanted the SS Honor Ring and not much else.. You could find any other pattern you wanted just about. Some of us here have been collecting a long time and have seen all these different patterns for sale.
- I met Evgeniy and another member over 10 years ago in Kiev. It was a 'Antique, Digger fair'. People were there from all of Europe it seemed. You could pick and choose what you wanted. Great military to be found and also general antiques everywhere , furniture, jewelry, Icons, all sorts of stuff....

Well, those days are l o n g over.. Now every one wants SS, SS and SS rings.
- Members,,there just are not a lot out there. There weren't a lot made. Even laws once the war actually started they were not to be sold. And, as far as 'new' SS patterns, variants etc, suddenly showing up. ,,,for those of us long time collectors IF one hasn't shown its face/pattern in over 80,,EIGHTY years you can bet more than likely its a fantasy.

I have been collecting rings for over 40 years. I'm not saying I have seen everything. But when I see a 'variant', or a weird pattern I get to work.. I pour over the old auction catalogs. Check any period newspaper,periodical I can get my hands on,,trade guilds etc.. IF I have to pay some of these paper collectors who lets say have every issue of 'Der SA Mann looking for a SA ring, a advert then I'd pay them. I'll check with other collectors from around the world.
IF I'm lucky enough to have it in hand to check I'll do all the testing possible. A decent microscope on the secondary market is pretty cheap and has many uses. Enamel testing, Silver testing [years ago silver was low at market and reproductions were made stamped 800 when they were really 925/sterling!].

- * Where do we stand? The market is down. There isn't anything out there really. know everyone wants a SS ring,,a SA ring. Your going to need some dam good photos. A return policy,, and use you brain..

- * I think for those that collect rings to branch out a bit.. Check out the WestWall topic we have pinned here at the top. Check out the 'Patriotic rings'. The Skull rings,,others on the back pages to check out. They are nice looking rings!

For me its not a problem. I like all the different organizational rings, para military etc. As of late American WWII enamels have gone thru the roof,,,,when you can find one..
- Branch out. They are all history and a miracle they survived the 80+ years!,
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by Evgeniy
Hello Gaspare
I’ll add my observations, I won’t say that the ring market has fallen, not at all, there is interest in different rings, it’s just that here on this forum the activity of information exchange has decreased, basically everyone has moved to social networks, it’s easier for many people to exchange information, share finds and consult. the same picture is observed in Russian-language forums.
And sometimes it just gets boring, discussing ordinary simple rings 10-20 times, which are not uncommon, so often it seems that there is no one.
Maybe a lot of people here just left this area of ​​collecting, I remember 10 years ago there was a more active life here, but now there is silence.
But I see rings being dug up, shown and collected here in Russia.
And sometimes these are just exclusive finds.
And last time , aroud 3-5 months the economic crisis began, it seems to me
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