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#352176 10/06/2021 11:56 PM
by Mike (aka Byzanti)
Mike (aka Byzanti)
I would imagine most members here and collectors have seen this ring for sale on the WAF estand by now. Full disclosure- I do not know the seller nor do I have an interest in purchasing at this time- nor do I know anyone who is at the moment as well. I just felt it was worth discussing as we do love our ss private purchase rings (“blackies”) most of all. So- for the sake of public discussion, opinions?? Photo credit- waf; member “Roman Abramov” (who, although I do not know- would like to commend for fantastic skill in photographing rings! Well done!)
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by ed773
I know nothing about rings, but, period or not, that is a very nice collection of 10 rings.
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by Gaspare
yes Ado I remember all 4 of them dearly...

The 2 Skull over SS are probably 2 of the rarest most expensive SS rings there is! Sorry all 4 they had to go but I thoroughly enjoyed all 4 them..

[Thats what happens when you have twin girls and one gets married one year after the next!]

- I'm very happy though they are with someone that first appreciates them and more important takes care of them.

- Years ago I had a nice relationship with a German jeweler whos family was very famous and made all sorts of goodies during the war.. At first we exchanged letters but then by the 90s we were emailing.. He was one of the Wilms. The family that made some of the best jewelry, awards, etc. during WW2.

He wrote me only they made that skull over SS ring pattern and quickly got changed to the 2nd pattern because the SS changed the skull on their visors/tabs..Both patterns were not made for long. Less than a year for sure and that no one else made a similar pattern. ..
- Also, on the left,,the 'Blackie' with the large SS runes [under the early skull over SS] is one from their firm too. He wasn't sure at first but when he saw good photos he said for sure it is a Wilm SS Rune ring.

I had asked him about the 'Victory Rings' a dealer was selling in the mid 90s and they mention Wilm and he told me the story is a outright lie and no German firm would produce a ring such as that..

I asked for records, drawings, bills etc. and he said they got bombed and most were lost. BUT, a few cases of records they donated to the German gov. but to his knowledge they have never been looked at or even if they survived the postwar rebuilding period.

Sadly a family member had seen one of the emails. They did not like I was asking about the 3rd reich era and their rings made during such time.. They advised him to end our relationship immediately. He had sent one last emailing saying he enjoyed our conversations but it is time for it to end. I accepted and understood but could tell he was very proud of his families wares. Their great quality for something some called kitsch!.
Anyway, enjoy the rings,,,it is better to have loved and lost than to never love at all.....,thanks , G.
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