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#351261 08/17/2021 1:01 AM
by Stud
Hi all.Here is another SS ring.

The ring was awarded 30.6.34 and is named to SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Walter Jurk. SS-Ausweis Nr. 44 795. NSDAP Mitgl. - Nr.29 792. Walter Jurk belonged to the old fighters of the NSDAP and suffred four stab wounds during street and hall fights. He was imprisoned a total 16 times for political reasons. He was one of SS-Oberst-Gruppenfuhrer Kurt Daluege's closest friends and proteges. Kurt Daluege was also Jurk at the wedding as witness. Walter Jurk and Kurt Daluege served together in Fuhrer Schutzkommando.

The ring is found 23.09.2006 POW camp Ejpovice Czech Republic.

SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Walter Jurk ( DOB 29.4.1904 Cottbus, Died ..?.. )

From 1925 Jurk worked in Frontbann Nord, the Berlin section of the right-wing Weh organization Frontbann led by Paul Röhrbein . Here he got to know, among others, the later Berlin SA chief Karl Ernst and in particular Kurt Daluege , who became of decisive importance for his further career.

In autumn 1925 Jurk was arrested along with Röhrbein, Ernst, Daluege and around a dozen other members of the Frontbann in Berlin because of their activities against the Weimar Republic . A case against the men on suspicion of being a secret groupwas eventually discontinued. Right-wing newspapers used the events to portray the men who were banned from the front as victims of the “arbitrary justice” of the Weimar Republic. With regard to Jurk, the circumstances of his imprisonment were mischaracterized by falsely claiming that Jurk's brother, after Jurk could not be found by the police, had been detained in his place in order to threaten Jurk with the leverage of his brother to be released only after he, Jurk, is in custody and to force himself to present himself to the authorities. In fact, when Jurk could not be found during a house search, his brother had voluntarily accompanied the police to find out more about the reasons which is why his brother was wanted and had not been arrested at police headquarters. Like most of those arrested, Jurk was released within a few days. At the time, the press reported extensively on the events.

According to his own statements, Jurk was arrested sixteen times before 1933.

After the ban on the front had collapsed in 1926, Jurk joined the Sturmabteilung (SA), the street combat group of the NSDAP , which was set up in Berlin for the first time that year . On February 6, 1926, he became a member of the NSDAP itself for the first time ( membership number 29,792).

On March 1, 1931 Jurk changed from the SA to the Schutzstaffel (SS membership number 44,795), in which he made a career as a protégé of Daluege. From 1931 it belonged to the SS-Motorsturm z. b. V. at. After 1933 Jurk ran various SS engine units.

On June 30, 1934, Jurk was appointed as SS functionary by Heinrich Himmler as commissioner for the SA Upper Group East in Berlin, in order to oversee the reorganization of the structure, which resulted from the breakdown of the power of the SA by the SS in the In the course of the cleansing action known as the Röhm Putsch had become necessary.

From August 1, 1934 to September 1937, Jurk worked for the Berliner AG as head of personnel. In addition, he was made available to the 3rd SS engine standard from June 13, 1935, and from November 1, 1936 to July 1, 1937 as a consultant at the I SS engine upper section east. In September 1937 he became a full-time SS leader again. This was done by taking over the functions of the leader of SS-Motor-Standarte 3 and the inspector of the upper section east.

On July 1, 1937 Jurk was appointed force inspector SS section Spree (which he nominally remained until October 1942). On December 12, 1939, he was assigned to the motor vehicle inspection of the SS Upper Section Warthe . During the Second World War Jurk was initially a member of the Waffen-SS from 1939 to 1942 , with which he inter alia. was used in Finland. With effect from October 10, 1942, at Daluege's instigation, he was transferred to the police force with the rank of major and by Daluege, who had been Deputy Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia from that year (de facto governor of the occupied Czech territories), entrusted with the administration of the property confiscated by the German occupation administration from Jewish persons in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia ("Einsatzstab Major Jurk"). Since he enriched himself considerably in the course of this activity, he was taken into custody on April 2, 1944 by order of Police Court VIII in Prague. At the same time he was given leave of absence from the Schutzstaffel for the duration of the investigation.

Allgemeine - SS Promotion

01.03.1931 SS-Mann
01.11.1932 SS-Hauptscharfuhrer ( SS-Haupttruppfuhrer )
12.06.1933 SS-Untersturmfuhrer ( SS-Sturmfuhrer )
03.09.1933 SS-Obersturmfuhrer
09.05.1934 SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer
30.01.1936 SS-Sturmbannfuhrer
20.04.1938 SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer

Waffen - SS Promotion

01.03.1940 SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer der Waffen-SS ( Reservefuhrer )
10.10.1942 SS-Sturmbannfuhrer der Waffen-SS ( Reservefuhrer )

Polizei Promotion

10.10.1942 Major der Schutzpolizei

Documented Awards

Ehrenwinkel fur Alte Kampfer
Totenkopfring der SS ( Night of the Long Knives )
Ehrendegen des Reichsfuhrers-SS ( 20.04.1938 )
SA-Sportabzeichen in Bronze
Kriegsverdienst Kreuz I. Klasse mit Schwertern

State of service

1934 - 3 SS-Motorstandarte
30.6.1934 - Commissioner for the SA Upper Group East in Berlin
1937 - Stab Oa Ost ( Ref. I Motu. K. L. Kraftfahrinspekteur beim Oberabschnitt Warthe
1939 - 1942 - Waffen SS ( 1942 - SS-Mountain-Division Nord , SS-Infantry Regiment 6 : le. Inf. Kol )
1942 Einsatzstab II (Major Jurk) Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia
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by Stud
Walter Jurk and Kurt Daluege...........
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by wotan
Imho this ring can be assumed, what we can at least see from the pics to be an original one but unfortunately was "cleaned" in a VERY unprofessional way. In pic rsz_5f4edf7e-3411-4d17-879c-b57a33b9e55a.jpg you can see that obviously even a grinding machine was also used for "cleaning". Unprofessional "cleaning" does happen to ground dug rings very often and this way they are ruined forever. Their appearance after "cleaning" let doubt about their originality.
Due to the extensive unprofessional cleaning the outer structure of the ring (which normally can be seen even at well worn rings!) is nearly totall gone. The "cleaning" also did remarkable harm to the inspriction.
Only very experienced (with ground dug items) collectors and experts should professionally clean such a ring. Even more as the material is soft (but durable under the layers of dirt and outside patination).
Once I did mention this in another forum and was criticized because the there shown ring would be so nice. All ignored the very bad scratches and much moore which has happened to the ring.
I personally would not buy such a devastated ring, whoever did own it. It is simply forever ruined history.
If this ring would have been professionally cleaned it would have been a beauty.
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