Nice collection, tough to see the point of even keeping if if they are afraid people are going to break out into goose steps upon seeing it.

Have seen some of the examples, the well known one of Hitler as a knight in armor which was pierced by a bayonet is well known, most I have never seen before.

The REAL Raiders of the Lost Ark: US Army unveils huge collection of Nazi art - including four watercolors painted by Hitler - that's been locked away in Fort Belvoir since 1945

Army's Museum Support Center at Fort Belvoir houses 456 pieces of Nazi art seized at the end of WWII
Works remain under lock and key and collection includes four watercolors painted by Adolph Hitler himself
Few of the works have ever been loaned our or viewed by the public for fear that they could glorify Nazism
Collection has been compared to the massive warehouse seen at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark
Sarah Forgey, the Army's chief art curator, said they kept pieces locked away fearing a 'revival of Nazism'
'Look at the world today. That rationale seems more valid in 2020 than it's been in a long time,' she added