Hello all, Merry Christmas. I just joined the forum and thought I would throw my hat in the ring so to speak. I am a Retired/Disabled Veteran and I collect most anything WWII. About 5 years ago I was a new member of a Facebook group and another member posted a picture of a Luftwaffe gravity knife he had acquired but had both springs broken. I made the comment, "I can fix that." The rest is history as they say. Since then I have either repaired or completely restored over 60 gravity knives alone. I have also done work on Sa, SS, and ZRLB daggers, swords, HJ knives and other Third Reich era edged weapons. I have a background as a welder, machinist, millwright, and in fabrication. My father is a knife maker and I picked up a lot from him as well. I usually have a backlog of six to ten knives or daggers at any given time. I enjoy the work. It's relaxing and the best hobby I ever had. If anyone needs work done, let me know what you got and I'll let you know what I can do. In the meantime, here are some pieces I've done. I should probably add that s far as I know, I am the only one I know that can install new springs in a type 1 gravity knife without taking the knife apart, thus leaving the knife with an untouched all original look. This is putting a properly riveted spring in place, not TIG welding a new one on, which i can't agree with but to each his own.