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#36252 - 03/29/10 05:07 PM Assmann RZM Numbers
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These containers have been on eBay for quite a while. I suspect they are repro's, but that's a guess. What is interesting are the RZM numbers for Assmann, espcially 5/8. It seems I have read in the past this is not a valid number, particularly on SS metal cap skulls.


#36253 - 03/29/10 06:42 PM Re: Assmann RZM Numbers
Z06Berlin Online

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Assman did have a valid RZM number M5/8 for Uniform Accessories. Here is a list of RZM codes:

M1 - insignia
M2 - sub-contractors
M3 - symbols or emblems
M4 - belt buckles
M5 - uniform accessories
M6 - aluminum products
M7 - daggers
M8 - metal accessories
M9 - meeting badges (tinnies)
M10 - musical instruments
M11 - NSDAP Long Service Medals
M12 - NSDAP miniature Long Service Medals

Looking for EKI spanges, first model intermediate and second model L/12.

#36254 - 04/03/10 05:10 PM Re: Assmann RZM Numbers
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M5 was used primarily for buttons, belt ramps, dagger hangers, clips and some open-faced buckles. Cap insignia (eagles, skulls, wreaths) came under the M1 license code. Assmann's M1 code was M1/17.

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