Spitfire,, yes welcome to the forum.. You have come to the absolute best forum for any type of military blades.. AND, we have some other excellent forums too so look around..

The Honor Ring forum is open to anything HR related. The rings of course, boxes, award documents, photos in wear, related documentation.
And since the HRs don't grow on trees we have many Private Purchase rings that we almost all collect and specialize in.
Also the Campaign, hand carved type like the DAK ring etc. Cufflinks, watch fobs, stic pins, broochs, bracelets and all related as the HR, boxes, docs, photos, advertisements etc. so have a look at all the back pages. There's like 70 back pages and plenty on nice rings to see and much to learn.
We're the oldest ring forum out there. and have a large international membership. Many of us know each other for years and while sometimes the discussions might seem to be heated its just passion. There is though something we all hate,,,the rip off artist and we do our best to stop his wares from wasting our members hard earned money.
So kick back,,get to know the site and look forward to see some of your collection or adding to our old topics! , Gaspare