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#336535 - 12/29/17 08:07 AM Re: Schlange Collection [Re: Schlange]
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Originally Posted By: Schlange
105mm Schwere Kanone sFH 18 photo

Hello Schlange, you show us here in this thread a lot of very nice conditioned (therefore mostly rare), interesting and mixed items. A pleasure to see and study.
Thank you for showing these items from your collection.
But I think that the certain pic does show a 15cm sFH18 (schwere Feldhaubitze 18), not a 10,5cm which would be a lFH18 (leichte Feldhaubitze 18) which is shown in your next pic.
wotan, gd.c-b#105

"Never look for sqare eggs" as a late owner of an original FHH-dagger used to say.

#336541 - 12/29/17 11:19 AM Re: Schlange Collection [Re: wotan]
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My mistake.
Thank you for INFO.


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