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#333032 - 11/09/17 06:28 PM Advice Needed
alaric Offline

Registered: 11/05/17
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Loc: PA
I apologize in advance if this is considered the wrong place to post this. I realize that this forum is for collectors of genuine antique German Gaggers.

I have a friend who does WWII reenactment and has an SS officer uniform. I was hoping to get, as an X-mas, present a reproduction of an SS Dagger. I don't have the money to get a genuine one, nor do I think one needs a $1000+ for use doing reenactment.

I found a number of places online and prices ranged from $10 to $100 or so. Some mentioned that they were not able to be sharpened.

Does anyone here have any experience with reproductions? Have any advice as to sellers? Anything specific to avoid/watch out for? Is the unable to be sharpened a big problem?

I appreciate any advice folks can offer and, again, I apologize if this is considered the wrong place.

#333034 - 11/09/17 07:35 PM Re: Advice Needed [Re: alaric]
Vern Offline

Registered: 02/28/00
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Loc: Zebulon, NC USA
Some of the reproductions have a soft metal cast blade. Probably not what you are looking for. Reddick Militaria sells a copy for under $30. WWII Gear sells a decent copy for around $90. And you can still find the SS dagger repros made by Marto of Spain at many gun shows for around $50-75.

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