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The Honor Ring Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Italian made rings by odal @ 42 minutes 19 seconds ago

Again some real nice one. Especially i like the bakelite one.
The Honor Ring Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Heer cufflinks by odal @ 45 minutes 55 seconds ago

Wow G.! If i remember right i have seen somewhere a perfect matching ring.
The Honor Ring Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Happy birthday!!! by odal @ 48 minutes 51 seconds ago

Impressive rings
Medals & Badges of the Third Reich Forum
Jump to new posts Re: New Finland Fob by JohnZ @ Today at 12:00 AM

They don't come up often, that's for sure. On this one, I was the only one bidding so I got it for the starting price. Thanks guys.
Army, Navy, and Luftwaffe Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Navy dagger questions by Oleg67 @ Yesterday at 11:35 PM

Hello Wuldntuliktono, you can see a few KM daggers by F.W.Höller on my websiteöller-f-w/ Best, Oleg.
Miscellaneous Dagger Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Dagger NPEA Eickhorn by seany @ Yesterday at 06:04 PM

Leave well alone this dagger as stated by John is very wrong.
German Sword Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Police NCO Sword knot question. by Ritterkreuz @ Yesterday at 04:41 PM

Patrick I seen them both ways but the more correct knot would be the green stripped one for the NCO. Good luck finding one of these. Mark
The BCN Bayonet Forum
Jump to new posts Re: 3219 / Unterstab II A.R. 60 by JohnZ @ Yesterday at 01:48 PM

Makes sense, Gary.
SS Dagger Forum
Jump to new posts Re: SS Chained Dagger for opinion by Dean Perdue @ Yesterday at 11:19 AM

Originally Posted By: KrikkeYes Steve, these daggers came out of factory without maker logo's on them. Occasionally we see maker marked blades in chained scabbards but that was just due of the fact that the SS man already had a standard M33 maker ma
Imperial German Uniforms, Orders, and Decorations
Jump to new posts Re: Imperial Graphic Arts ... by Dean Perdue @ Yesterday at 09:56 AM

Thanks Vern for that great link and useful information on the history of this ancient tradition. I had no idea it dated back so far.
German Translation Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Etched Bayonet Dedication Question by JohnZ @ 06/23/17 09:43 PM

How about ' non commissioned officer regimental staff'?
SA & NSKK Dagger Forum
Jump to new posts Re: My most beautiful early sa by kingtiger @ 06/23/17 07:55 PM

Outstanding SA dagger. Very nice overall. Congratulations on a find of this caliber. Mark
European Edged Weapons
Jump to new posts Re: Rare pre WWII French AF dagger by Alex . @ 06/23/17 09:21 AM

The Honor Ring Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Denmark silver hallmark by Antonio Scapini @ 06/23/17 06:17 AM

Thanks guys, "VM" for Victor Mortensen in Alborg is perfectly matching with the background of the piece.
Names Documents and Photos Forum
Jump to new posts Re: 3rd reich cards/photos by Dean Perdue @ 06/22/17 06:07 PM

Small bookplate with great detailing under a loupe. Does anyone have information on 'Dris (Dr.??) Helmuth Keipper' that they would be willing to share. Is he on any of the service list? Thank you
European Edged Weapons
Jump to new posts Re: Help with sword ID by Alex . @ 06/22/17 05:04 PM

Looks like Masonic sword
Collector's Showcase
Jump to new posts Re: Little Norway Vermilion Bay Camp Postcard by JohnZ @ 06/22/17 03:31 PM

While the main Little Norway training camp was located at the edge of Toronto, they did have a camp cum leisure area located in the Muskokas on Vermilion Bay. This camp, sometimes known as Vesle Skaugum, is pictured on this postcard that I scored of
Police Uniforms Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Werkschutz (Please help) by Zombrii @ 06/22/17 11:46 AM

Thanks alot for the replies guys! I also noticed different tabs with the werkschutze and indeed factory tabs, but still am very curious what that tab is!
United States Militaria
Jump to new posts Re: Value of WWII Marine Uniforms by Jim W @ 06/22/17 09:33 AM

After Dow was nice enough to identify the uniforms and give his advice, my brother decided to go it alone with this one. Which is just as well. My plan was to package it and get it to someone like Dow that would maintain it. There is no real money
Period History Forum
Originally Posted By: Gasparewe have another topic going on this over at the Community forum.. "is the original magnifying glass" that Hitler was using' Really?? Take a real good look at some of the stuff. Rinos, gorillas, elephants,?
Edged Weapons Accoutrements Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Frog ID by Fitzer @ 06/21/17 08:35 PM

Thanks Jim, nothing in Witty's book about hanger/frog variations either. It would be interesting to learn if early German armies did have variations in wear before the regular hangers became standard
Militaria Shows & Exhibits
Jump to new posts Re: Ohio Valley Military Society Show Wilmington ohio by Siegfried B @ 06/21/17 05:20 PM

I did receive a reply on June 20 after I posted on 2 more forums and spoke to the top Gent there and the issue was resolved amicably and efficiently. I'm very happy with the personalized call I received ..thankyou Ed for your reply. Best Regards Larr
Names Documents and Photos Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Photo of possibly Werkschutz by Vern @ 06/21/17 08:43 AM

It looks like a Werkschutz Visor cap but the collar tabs are unknown to me. Could be a special tab identifying the factory.
German Sword Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Etched Lion head sword by Pack by stingray @ 06/21/17 08:26 AM

Thank you Fred Yes,it is confusing All of those pictures are from one sword. One side of the blade have crossed swords and on other side have a crossed cannons. It is also double marked. The imperial etch with the eagle on the langet. It must to be
HJ Edged Weapons Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Early Minty HJ Knife by J.A Henckels by Seppi @ 06/21/17 04:30 AM

Will , amazing condition for this hj , congrats to you . S+
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