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SS Dagger Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Daga SS Alcoso, views, please. by Patrick69 @ 8 minutes 13 seconds ago

Yes, fake. I had a fake SA with same maker's mark and gau stamp. RUN!!
Miscellaneous Dagger Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Hey guys is this one a 1933-1945 era pocket knife? by Baz69 @ 53 minutes 34 seconds ago

Here's a scan from a 1932 Klaas catalogue. These knives came in various blade lengths. Listed in the Price lists as a Taschenmesser.(Pocket knife) Gary
The Honor Ring Forum
Jump to new posts Re: eBay rings from Russia by hapur @ Today at 11:14 AM

skull is definately cast, second also is not good.
The Honor Ring Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Skull ring opinions for a member by Militarynut @ Today at 10:18 AM

hi mike thanks for the pat on our backs we needed that i say we all stick together here on this great ring forum and we can hopefully shame some of these ali baba and his forty thieves i hope to be around for another fifty years chaseing these cro
The BCN Bayonet Forum
Hello colleagues, I present here a new bayonet that I incorporate to my collection, I do not doubt its authenticity, I know it is good, I know it belongs to the Mannlicher Mº 1895 Austrian rifle, however I would like you to provide more information r
The Honor Ring Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Bakelite German Italian Facist Ring by Mark4321 @ Today at 04:06 AM

An awesome pair of rings...
The Honor Ring Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Opinions on alpaca skull ring by Mark4321 @ Today at 04:03 AM

A very nice ring...
Medals & Badges of the Third Reich Forum
Jump to new posts Re: political brooch ? by stingray @ Yesterday at 11:07 PM

Thank you Mike,i think you are correct. I found similar piece online. Regards
The Honor Ring Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Brooch? No idea.... by Mike (aka Byzanti) @ Yesterday at 10:27 PM

Yes it appeared to be- but didn't purchase. it wasn't in the cards for me that day.
Army, Navy, and Luftwaffe Forum
Jump to new posts Re: The Anatomy of an Eickhorn KM dagger by stratocaster3 @ Yesterday at 09:48 PM

You are quite right Wotan. We collectors tend to use term "fire gilding" rather loosely. The process of using a mercury and gold amalgam paste, applying it to the dagger surfaces and then heating it to vaporize the mercury leaving the satur
Medals & Badges of the Third Reich Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Hitler Mystery Tinnies update by dimitrov @ Yesterday at 06:01 PM

Hitler Mystery Badge no. 5 1933 circa said to be at a Nuremberg church Only one of two of the group which features him wearing his brown NSDAP jacket. Above his right pocket a circular or oval-shaped badge, with a
Medals & Badges of the Third Reich Forum
Jump to new posts 1944 HJ sport award by stingray @ Yesterday at 05:05 PM

hi guys any opinion on this award ? Thank you
In Memoriam
Jump to new posts Re: Jack Staehle by @ Yesterday at 11:53 AM

My condolences to his friends family and loved ones. I did not know him personally but by reputation, advertisement and the hobby (shows) In sympathy, R Sellick
Welcome - New Collectors Start Here
Jump to new posts Re: Advice to new collectors by Dave @ Yesterday at 10:09 AM

Not sure what you mean by rainbow company. Dave
Army, Navy, and Luftwaffe Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Solid Trolon grips on Navy Daggers by Flyingdutchman @ Yesterday at 08:23 AM

... the only thing I can say is, that I'm having a named WKC with an orange solid Trolon grip which was bought in 1935, of course with the Reed-bündle-pommel. The pommel was replaced in 1938. Would be interesting to see earlier examples. Best; Flyi
Miscellaneous Dagger Forum
Jump to new posts Re: rad hewer question by michal199 @ Yesterday at 05:50 AM

thank You all for the replies,i will go after Your answers and leave this hewer in actual condition.this is one of the options that i thinked about,better dont ''fix''the history.the hewer in my eyes looks enough good to have a place on my wall so fo
Army, Navy, and Luftwaffe Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Pack madness by Janos @ Yesterday at 03:43 AM

Well Ivan, these photos amazed me! Beautiful collection, congratulation! Janos
SS Dagger Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Chain ABC's by JR @ 01/15/17 10:07 PM

Type B1
Medals & Badges of the Third Reich Forum
Jump to new posts Re: SS medal by derjager @ 01/15/17 12:04 PM

Close ups of one that received a thumbs up.
The Honor Ring Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Bronze Luftwaffe ring by Mark4321 @ 01/15/17 10:53 AM

Originally Posted By: Mike (aka Byzanti)Hey Mark- great link! Thanks for posting it! It's tough to make out, but certainly wearing something! Could be a pilots ring or a monogrammed signet, those were popular- maybe something else! Looks too large to
Historic and Period Firearms Forum
Jump to new posts Re: WAlther PPK by Mauser88 @ 01/15/17 05:38 AM

Nice PPK!!!
Miscellaneous Dagger Forum
Jump to new posts Re: TeNo hewer by Kurt_Menliff @ 01/15/17 03:33 AM

Merci Seppi ! K.
Medals & Badges of the Third Reich Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Medal info. by Vern @ 01/14/17 06:33 PM

That is supposed to be a Luft Air Supply Depot equipment check tag, but I've never seen one quite like it before. The only ones I've seen look like the photo below. They can be found in both zinc or aluminum. Later tags had a Depot number in addit
European Edged Weapons
Jump to new posts Post WW2 German Naval going for $750. by Jim W @ 01/14/17 11:53 AM

A fairly new Eickhorn post war including pommel is about to sell for $750 on Ebay. This is the price of a real collectable WWII dagger. Ebay Naval
The Honor Ring Forum
Jump to new posts Re: My 2 new USA rings by CMT04 @ 01/13/17 10:15 PM

Very cool!
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