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Edged Weapons
Here is the place to discuss German edged weapons. Anything from fighting knives to swords to daggers. Come in and speak with some of the greatest minds in the hobby.
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Welcome - New Collectors Start Here (13 viewing)
This Forum is to welcome new Members and explain how GDC works.
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Re: Hi from the Netherland...
(Flyingdutchman) - 04/21/14 04:35 PM
SS Dagger Forum (20 viewing)
Daggers of the SS: Model 1933 Daggers, Model 1936 Chained Daggers, Honor Daggers, Himmler Dedication Daggers, and all SS accoutrements. Moderated by Bernie Brule, owner of the SS Officer Computer Research Center. Co-moderated by Dave Hohaus, editor of Tom Wittmann's book on SS Edged Weapons.
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Re: RZM 1052/38 SS - PUMA
( - 04/15/14 05:56 PM
SA & NSKK Dagger Forum (7 viewing)
Daggers of the SA (Storm Troops): Standard Service, Feldherrnhalle, Special Presentation, High Leader Daggers, and all SA accoutrements. Also daggers of the NSKK - Standard Service, Chained, etc. Moderated by Mike McAlvanah, perhaps THE most accomplished SA dagger collector in history.
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Re: SA Dagger - F W Jordan...
(the russian) - 04/22/14 04:31 PM
Rohm Dagger Forum
Your place to discuss one of the most fascinating areas of German Dagger collecting. Learn about both SS and SA Rohm Daggers. Moderated by Gailen David, owner of GDM Militaria.
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Partial Rohm SA Dagger - C...
(the russian) - 04/19/14 01:02 PM
Army, Navy, and Luftwaffe Forum (19 viewing)
Daggers of the Army (Heer), Navy (Kriegsmarine), and Air Force (Luftwaffe), Characteristics and variations, as well as accoutrements (portapees and hangers). Moderated by Wotan and WWII-Collector.
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Re: Klass crossguard
(heers68) - Yesterday at 04:25 PM
HJ Edged Weapons Forum (19 viewing)
This is the place to discuss the edged weapons of the Hitler Youth: Leader daggers, the HJ knives ( including the youth knives of occupied countries) DJ knives, and HJ Honor Bayonets. Moderated by Herman V.
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Re: Strange hobby... it be...
(Rhidian) - 04/22/14 03:41 PM
Miscellaneous Dagger Forum (12 viewing)
Everything else: NPEA, Reichs Labor Service (RAD), DLV, Diplomatic/Government, Red Cross, The RLB, Teno, Land and Water Customs, Railway, and Postal (Postschutz) Daggers, boot knives, Imperial Edged Weapons. Moderated by Ron Weinand.
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Old referance book
(James LeBrasseur) - 04/20/14 05:52 PM
European Edged Weapons (5 viewing)
For discussion of swords, daggers, and bayonets used by European countries not including Germany. Additionally, uniforms from European countries other than Germany may be discussed here. Moderated by Jim Wallace, an advanced collector of European blades
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(GREAKLY) - 04/18/14 07:40 PM
Edged Weapons Accoutrements Forum (1 viewing)
Visit this forum to discuss hangers, frogs, portepees, control tags, dagger storage bags, or anything else that was used with German edged weapons. Moderated by Houston Coates.
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Re: Imperial sword hanger....
(Tristan) - 04/13/14 04:43 PM
The BCN Bayonet Forum (15 viewing)
Your resource for Bayonet collecting worldwide. The Bayonet Collector's Network (BCN) was founded in 1996 to bring bayonet collectors together to share knowledge and information about bayonets. Come inside to talk not only about German bayonets, but about bayonets from around the world. Moderated by John Jacobi, founder of BCN and ably assisted by Terry Kissinger the man with all the Fire Bayonets.
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Re: Pack etched bayo - opi...
(JohnZ) - 22 minutes 27 seconds ago
The Houston Coates - Hunting, Forestry, and Shooting Forum (8 viewing)
Houston is an expert in the field of hunting, forestry, and shooting daggers, as well as honor and presentation bayonets. He's on the MAX board of experts for these edged weapon categories, and in his 50 years of collecting has built the world's leading collection of Honor Bayonets.
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Re: Hirschfänger belts and...
(mrfabulous) - 04/11/14 04:27 PM
German Sword Forum (7 viewing)
Got swords ? Here is the place to discuss them. Moderated by Fred Prinz, who most of you knew as Frogprinz.
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Re: Sword help #2
(James LeBrasseur) - Yesterday at 01:43 PM
The Andy Mraz Kinder and Miniature Forum
Your place to discuss miniatures and kinder swords. Andy Mraz, the moderator, is considered an expert in this area. He is a frequent contributor to publications and a long-time collector.
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Re: Imperial navy and heer...
(luca) - 04/10/14 07:25 AM
Uniform & Accessories
This category covers most things worn "on the person" other than edged weapons and firearms. Headgear, uniforms, medals and badges, insignia, and more.
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SS & SA Uniform Forum (7 viewing)
SS and SA Uniform Forum. Your place to discuss, uniforms, headgear and cloth insignia of the SS and the SA. Moderated by Fred Fokkelman
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(Mr. Jerry) - Yesterday at 07:37 AM
German Military Uniform Forum (4 viewing)
Discuss uniforms, headgear, and cloth insignia of the German Army, Navy, and Luftwaffe services. This includes Camouflage and Paratroop (Fallschirmjäger ) uniforms.
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Re: Cap in For Sale sectio...
(Dave Hohaus) - 04/01/14 06:19 PM
Police Uniforms Forum (9 viewing)
Discuss uniforms, headgear, cloth insignia, and accessories of the German police services. Moderated by Bill Unland.
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Re: police buckel
(jeeplover) - 01/18/14 01:13 PM
Miscellaneous German Uniforms (3 viewing)
The forum for uniforms, headgear, and cloth insignia of all other german organizations such as the TENO, The Labor Corps, the DLV, and the Diplomatic Corps.
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Re: Post your armbands! GD...
(kyles bullets) - 04/14/14 10:11 PM
Imperial German Uniforms, Orders, and Decorations (11 viewing)
Your place to discuss all Imperial German Militaria including: service medals, decorations, badges, insigna, photos, documents, spiked helmets, visors, field gear, flags, cloth insigia, etc. Moderated by Bill Warda, an expert in many fields on German Miliitaria.
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Re: Imperial Allach
(Tiberius) - 04/20/14 12:46 AM
Medals & Badges of the Third Reich Forum (21 viewing)
The forum for Medals, ribbons, and badges and other awards of all German services. Iron Crosses, Shooting Badges, Membership Pins, and more. Moderated by Fritz Kunz III and Derjager.
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Re: Finland Travel Badge
(JohnZ) - Today at 08:43 AM
Belts and Buckles Forum (1 viewing)
The place to discuss brocade and service belts, as well as belt buckles. Moderated by Jean Pierre.
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Re: SA High Leaders
(SSman) - 04/17/14 11:13 AM
Helmet Forum (4 viewing)
Steel Helmet Forum. Discuss all German steel helmets from all branches of service and organizations, from both WWI and WWII.
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Re: SS Helmet
(Serge (aka Wagner)) - 04/22/14 04:51 AM
The Honor Ring Forum (16 viewing)
Honor Rings are a fascinating area of SS Collecting. Use this forum to discuss Honor Rings, private purchase rings, documents, Moderated by Gaspare Bua, an avid collector and Honor Ring buff.
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Re: Totenkopf for opinion
(odal) - Today at 01:11 AM
General Militaria
Here is the place to discuss all militaria other than German uniforms, accessories, and daggers. Beer steins, regalia, firearms, field gear, other edged weapons, etc.
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United States Militaria (4 viewing)
Your place to discuss United States Militaria including weapons, uniforms, medals, and other items of interest from all periods of United States Military History. Moderated by Mr. Jerry, a long time collector from Wisconsin.
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Re: Show of Shows 2014!!
(Denny Gaither) - 02/23/14 11:18 AM
Japanese Militaria Forum (1 viewing)
For discussing Samaurai Swords, Japanese headgear and uniforms, medals, rifles and related equipment, everything from grenade launchers and bayonets. Moderated by Jareth Holub. A professional antique restoration expert, Jareth has been collecting Japanese militaria for over 25 years.
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Anyone Translate Japanese
(Barker) - 04/15/14 01:32 PM
Miscellaneous Militaria and Regalia Forum (1 viewing)
A place to discuss militaria that does not fit in another forum. Also for railroad car eagles, statues, personality busts, Allach porcelin, silverware, napkins, and other collectibles. Moderated by Rich Yankowski.
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Re: German Airplane tail p...
(marksmilitaria in Cleveland) - 04/10/14 11:37 PM
Historic and Period Firearms Forum (8 viewing)
Do you collect, shoot, or just enjoy looking at historic firearms ? Anything from matchlocks to WWII Lugers ? If you do, this forum is for you. Show us what you have and ask your questions here. Moderated by Vern.
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Re: WW2 Assualt Rifles
(Denny Gaither) - Today at 11:35 AM
Names Documents and Photos Forum (2 viewing)
This Forum is for the discussion of any named or numbered items you may have in your collection as well as the discussion of period photos and documents. Moderated by Ross Kelbaugh an accomplished researcher in SS and other TR areas.
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Re: Fragebogen
(kreta1961) - 04/10/14 06:03 PM
German Translation Forum
The place for quick German translations and definitions of German Military terms and obsolete words. Please keep requests to approximately 25 words.
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Re: Medal help.
(Dutchman) - 02/04/14 08:14 PM
Flags, Field Gear, and Vehicles Forum (3 viewing)
The place to discuss German flags, field gear, banners, vehicles and similar items. Moderated by Doug Kenwright who you knew as KURSK
259 1924
Re: bouncing betty
(Doug Kenwright) - 04/11/14 04:57 PM
General Interest
Everything else that doesn't fit in the other categories, in addition to our "community" forums that are not collectible-specific. Want a translation? Have a question about how the forum works? It's all here.
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Media Review Forum (2 viewing)
This Forum is to review and discuss books, movies, and websites pertinent to our hobby. Own a good book? Seen a great movie? Found a interesting website? Let us know all about it.
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Re: Anyone interested in t...
(spacey) - 12/26/13 05:26 AM
Other Hobbies and Collections
What else do you collect besides militaria or what other hobbies do you have ? MOPAR? Aviation Collectibles? MOPAR ? Beer Steins ? Let us know and post some pictures if you can. Moderated by Bernie Brule, who is into MOPAR.
474 4937
Re: : CEF insignia 184th b...
(Dave Hohaus) - Today at 09:05 AM
Computer Help & Idea Exchange Forum (1 viewing)
Does your computer have a bug? Is it slowing down? Need to know how to resize a picture? Jump in and ask Aaron Buck, an IT industry veteran.
313 1622
Re: Zooming in on photos
(kyles bullets) - 04/04/14 10:56 PM
Restoration, Conservation, and Maintenance Forum (1 viewing)
Learn about restoration, conservation, and maintenance techniques and the pros and cons of each. Moderated by Vern Bryant, accomplished restoration expert.
283 2070
Re: general cleaning/maint...
(kyles bullets) - 03/25/14 04:09 PM
Premium Members Forum (1 viewing)
This is a Forum where Premium Members can meet to discuss topics relevant to the Hobby and GDC. Moderated by Vern and Dave
67 539
Re: GD updated soft
(Vern) - 12/16/13 09:37 PM
Militaria Shows & Exhibits (5 viewing)
Do you know of an upcoming militaria show or a great militaria Museum ? Please share it with GDC Members and help the hobby. Anywhere in the World ! Moderated by Houston Coates.
155 1745
Re: Military Collector's S...
(militarymania) - 04/14/14 07:25 PM
Hobby Humor Corner (1 viewing)
Got funny pictures with crazy captions? Want to give Andy Mraz a run for his money as official site comedian? Post all your jokes here. Please keep your posts IN GOOD TASTE. Moderated by Andy Mraz's frog.
90 236
Re: bottles
(Notaguru) - 01/31/14 09:36 PM
Period History Forum
This forum is for discussions and debates about historical topics relevant to our hobby.
118 508
Re: for all medal collecto...
(kyles bullets) - 04/02/14 04:04 PM
Collector's Showcase (9 viewing)
A place to share your collection or favorite piece with other collectors. Moderated by Roger Jeandell aka "Leipzig"
157 2745
Re: My collection of navy ...
(stratocaster3) - 04/13/14 06:49 PM
In Memoriam (2 viewing)
This Forum is to remember our absent friends and collectors.
13 227
Re: Vic Diehl
(Serge (aka Wagner)) - 04/21/14 10:28 AM
GDC Reference Library

-- German Militaria References --

Armband ID Guide
Awards - Combat Badges & Clasps
Awards - Iron Cross 1st Gallery
Awards - Iron Cross 1st Spanges
Awards - Iron Cross 2nd Gallery
Awards - Iron Cross 2nd Spanges
Awards - Knight's Cross Gallery
Awards - Military Medals
Awards - Official Party/Gau Badges
Awards - Party & Political Orders
Awards - Red Cross/Social Welfare
Awards - Ribbon Bar Chart
Awards - Service Medals
Awards - Shields/Cuff Titles
Awards - Maker Marks
Belt Buckle Id Guide
Cuff Title Id Guide - Non-SS
Cuff Title Id Guide - SS
Dagger Id Guide
Miniature Dagger Id Guide
Dagger - Blade Mottos
Dagger - Maker Marks
Dagger - SA/NSKK Group Marks
Dagger - SS RZM Codes
Gorget ID Guide
Hat/Cap Metal Emblem Id Guide
HeeresWaffenAmt Codes
Helmet Decal Id Guide
Insignia - NSDAP
Insignia - SA
Insignia - SS
Insignia - Misc Party Branches
Insignia - Military
Insignia - State Organizations
Insignia - Police
Lieferant & LDO Numbers
Military Services Waffenfarbe
Optics Maker Codes
RZM M1 - Insignia & Badge Makers
RZM M2 - Metal Work Suppliers
RZM M3 - Party Emblem Makers
RZM M4 - Buckle Makers
RZM M5 - Uniform Accessories
RZM M7 - Edged Weapons Makers
RZM M9 - Tinnie Makers
RZM M11/12 - NSDAP LS Medals & Minature Makers

-- U.S. Militaria References --

U.S. Military Aviator Wings
U.S. Military Medals
U.S. Ribbon Chart
U.S. WW1 Division Patches
U.S. WW2 Army & Corps Patches
U.S. WW2 Division Patches
U.S. WW2 Phantom Division Patches

-- Small Arms References --

DWM Commercial Lugers 1898-1929
DWM Military/Contract Lugers 1906-29
Rework & Non-DWM Lugers 1920-1945
Walther Pistols - Model 1-9
Walther Sport/Olympia Pistols
WW2 Pistols
WW2 Rifles
WW2 Sub-machine Guns
WW2 (German) Assault Rifles
WW2 Light Machine Guns

More to come ;)

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